AI Ethics

Importance of AI Ethics
With the exponential rise in the digital space, digital data, and the creation of a whole new realm made of pixels and binary code, it is important to ensure that everything being done in a realm not so tangible, may have extremely tangible effects in the physical world. A moral compass is necessary.
Privacy and Surveillance
Manipulation of behavior
Manipulation of behavior

Due to the nature of marketing and advertising in our day to day life, and the serious fact that our cell-phones have become second-limb to our bodies, social media platforms have been given the dangerous access to all of our behavior online. Our screen-time is being monitored, including how long we stare at a particular post, but so are our photos, searches and preferences.

Because of how prevalent the digital space has become in our lives, surveillance this intense is extremely intrusive on our privacy. We can search, blink, like, share, save, or take pictures without everything being closely monitored. Our personal information can now be very easily accessed by large corporations such as Instagram and Facebook and a single erroneous move and all our data could be potentially exposed, and this is ignoring that fact that it’s already bare to the corporations themselves.

Manipulation of Behavior
Social Media platform’s reach towards the advertising community has forced them to find
ways in order to keep users busy and scrolling and potentially buying. This has led to user interface being designed in ways to keep users addicted to social media platforms, making it increasingly difficult to be able to leave. Ranging from subconsciously satisfying widgets to using a humans vulnerable addiction to instant gratification, it becomes increasingly hard to control your own whims and not scroll mindlessly through. Some ads have also been designed in ways to look like content users chose to follow, making the products look more attractive but also manipulating free will.

Creating an increase in Bias
Whenever particular content is interacted with by a user, all platforms and SEO’s automatically begin to generate preferable content based on possibly one or two instances that the user interacted with it. What happens then is that the user gets lured in to click the content and view it, and the algorithm amplifies the content again. This eventually leads to a rabbit hole of content that is radically leaning towards one particular point of view and seen towards one lens leaving the user heavily biased towards the content being shown on their gadgets. Based on recent research, this could create huge political divides between audiences.

The time has come for an international judicial system paired with all huge digital corporations to create a moral standard and a minimal basis in which all standards of User interface creation and algorithms are monitored and follow and unwavering list of rules that limit the moral harm being created by these large corporations. The belief that our digital space does not feel like a tangible place for laws needs to be abolished because the physical repercussions are rowing by the second.

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